Employee Expectations

As part of employment with The Christian Chain, you will need to agree to the following expectations.

As an employee of The Christian Chain, ....

  • you understand that The Christian Chain (TCC) and all its affiliate ministries, projects, resources and tool websites are committed to distinctively Christian beliefs, values, and practices in accord with the Holy Scriptures.
  • you have read and understand that TCC’s Mission is, through the creation of resources and the building of strategic partnerships, to bring together quality resources that help the Christian Community work across denominational barriers to further the Kingdom of God.
  • you have read and understand the Christian beliefs of TCC as outlined in the statement of faith as posted on it's corporate website.
  • regardless of whether or not you hold 100% to the statement of faith, you understand that TCC’s directors, officers and employees are expected to provide a positive example to TCC's members and visitors to its various websites and services and will support the statement of faith, mission and overall goals. In that regard, it is expected that TCC’s directors, officers and employees will not contradict, challenge, or undermine TCC’s Statement of Faith or Mission or advocate views that may discredit or tarnish the reputation of The Christian Chain.
  • you agree to represent yourself in an appropriate business manner and treat everyone with the respect deserved as being created in the image of God?
  • during this uncertin time of COVID-19, you will be working remotely. As an employee of TCC you will need to maintain a high work-ethic; making sure to complete your tasks to the best of your ability, in a timely manner all while maintaining effective communication practices with your team and with management.